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Euclid is the first measuring cup to measure small amounts as accurately as large amounts, improving your measuring accuracy and consistency and helping your recipes turn out right.
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Equatine Labs is a Cambridge-based startup bringing technical innovation to consumer and laboratory product segments ripe for reinvention.

Euclid, a more accurate measuring cup, launched on September 26th, 2017.

jEmailMe, an app for quickly emailing yourself reminders and notes.

We also built a cryptographic secret-sharing tool to help when you want to share a secret with multiple people, such that any one person knows nothing about the secret, and any two people together can reconstruct the secret.

Joshua Redstone (Founder) // After earning a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Washington, Josh spent 6 years at Google and 4 years at Facebook as a software engineer focused on systems infrastructure, machine learning, and data visualization. In his spare time, he enjoys playing squash, surfing, and developing asset allocation modeling software.
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